Simple Bluehost Pricing Provides Easy to Understand Webhosting Value

Unlike many of the webhosting services on the internet right now, Bluehost provides a simple pricing structure that doesn’t restrict any of the features that their competition often makes you pay extra for. The basic shared webhosting package from Bluehost provides unlimited bandwidth, disk storage and space for as many domains as you want to use. It also comes fully featured with a comprehensive list of single click script installers so there is no more to spend once you are signed up. They also offer a range of Virtual Private Server (VPS) packages for resellers as well as cloud technology backed dedicated hosting for larger users.

Shared Web Hosting Services

Bluehost’s shared webhosting services provide a complete service for a flat monthly rate. This includes unlimited data transfer speed, limitless disk storage space on their servers and room for as many add on domains and sub domains as you want to use and you can also park as many inactive or unused domains on your account as you like. It also allows you to create as many databases as you need to and provides a choice of management tools including the familiar MySQL and PHP Pearl applications.

Bluehost shared webhosting accounts allow an unlimited number of e-mail addresses to be created and also come with a choice of e-mail service options as well as autoresponders and all of the tools that you need to make e-mail an effective marketing tool for your websites. The complete array of simple to install scripts are also included in the simple, single flat monthly rate that means that you won’t have to upgrade your account as your website and its traffic grows.

VPS Hosting Services

For users whose needs are more comprehensive Bluehost provides a fully featured Virtual Private Server that provides super fast data speeds and on demand provisioning. It gives you much greater control of your internet assets with complete root access and guaranteed availability of all of your online resources using their cloud based KVM hyper virtualization technology. All VPS accounts come complete with an enhanced C Panel environment that extends the feature set that is available and allows you to manage your entire web hosting accounts with just one log in.

There is a choice of four levels of service based on the CPU speed, amount of RAM and disk storage space that you need to use. Beginning with the Standard package which provides single core performance coupled with 2GB of RAM, 30GB of storage space and 1 TB of data transfer per month, the packages increase in increments to the top of the range Ultimate package. This offers the quad core CPU option with 8GB of RAM, 240 GB of disk storage and up to 4 TB per month of data transfer which is suitable for even the highest traffic domains. These four packages are offered for a simple to understand flat monthly rate and your plan can be changed quickly and easily as your needs change.

Dedicated Web Hosting

For websites that require extra security or users that want the added speed and functionality that comes with keeping their own servers, Bluehost provides a comprehensive choice of Dedicated Server packages for an all inclusive monthly rate. The dedicated servers feature super fast quad core technology and offer a choice of the amount of RAM that you want to use. The standard package provides a 3 MB cache along with 1 TB of disk storage and 5 TB per month of data transfer. The mid range package increases the cache to 8 MB along with 8GB of RAM to guarantee a fast user download experience for your website’s visitors. It also provides two 1 TB HDD disks for storage and allows up to 10 TB of monthly data transfer. The Premium dedicated server package provides all of those features and upgrades the RAM to 16 GB and the data transfer to 15 TB per month, enough to handle even the highest traffic websites. Extra HDD disk storage is also available for all dedicated server accounts.

Dedicated server accounts come with all of the features that are available to VPS customers including enhanced C Panel functionality, complete root access as well as instant provisioning that is all backed up by 24/7 tech support via either the toll free number, e-mail or live, online chat. Regardless of your webhosting needs, Bluehost has a simple package that will suit your requirements as well as your budget.