Bluehost WordPress Hosting With a Single Click

bluehost-wordpressWordPress is easily the most popular web design tool online at the moment with an estimated 1 in 6 sites on the web being powered by the platform at the moment. That amounts to over 60 million websites using this versatile web design tool with the number increasing by as much as 100,000 new sites every day. The cloud based, free web hosting service provided by WordPress currently attracts 330 million viewers to the 3.4 billion pages that it has on the web every month.

The reason that it is such a popular web design application is its flexibility and user friendliness that makes it suitable for just about every kind of website imaginable. At the same time it has an easy to understand user interface that makes it suitable for use by almost anyone with some basic computer skills. While the free web hosting that is available from WordPress is a handy service, in order to have access to its complete range of functions and to monetize the website that you create with it you need to use it on your own web hosting services.

Single Click WordPress Installation

BlueHost WordPress hosting makes setting up your website simple with a one click installer that is available on the C Panel dashboard. This service is provided via the Mojo Marketplace service where you can also browse through the many premium themes that are available to enhance your WordPress website. There is also a huge range of free themes available via your WordPress dashboard once you have installed the platform on your shared hosting account that makes it possible to have your website online without having to spend any more than the flat rate that Bluehost charge for their basic web hosting package.

Bluehost provides an unlimited web hosting service that makes it easy to create as many web sites using the platform as you want to. Because of the popularity of WordPress with web designers the tech staff is all familiar with it and has the knowledge and experience to help you sort out any difficulties that you might have. This has also been the motivation to make Bluehost very WordPress friendly by making it easy to run as many instances of the platform on your account as you like without having to worry about sorting out permissions for folders and other technical issues that you often encounter of less WordPress oriented services.

State of the Art Digital Technology

The WordPress friendly service from Bluehost is supported by the super fast servers that they house at their data center in Provo, Utah. Their servers are the best state of the art hardware that is currently available and they are supported by the best network infrastructure technology. This installation is backed up by the in house technical support staff which allows them to sort out any problems directly.

With so many websites on the internet the last thing that you want to happen is to lose visitors because the slow data transfer speeds have made your pages load too slowly. Bluehost’s constantly upgraded hardware ensures the fastest possible data transfer speeds so that your website’s load times will provide the best user experience that is possible. These speeds are enhanced by the light WordPress structure that keeps the size of websites to a minimum that makes the data that is presented on them the main part of the size of the downloaded pages rather than the code that creates the page itself.

WordPress is a user friendly platform that is easy enough for anyone to learn to use quickly but for it to really work for you it has to be installed on a high quality web hosting service. Many web hosts provide a simple WordPress installer as a part of their package but not all of them back it up with the quality of performance and customer service that you get at Bluehost. They make it easy to create your WordPress site and their standard services like automatic backups give you the confidence of knowing that your WordPress site will be online and will work just the way that you want it to every time someone clicks on a link to your website. Bluehost understand WordPress and their flat rate, all inclusive package will add real value for money to the sites that you build with it.