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BlueHost Coupon Codes & Promotional Discounts

Use these Bluehost coupons and promo codes to save when ordering your package from BlueHost!


Set up costs for a new website can mount up and it is usually a few months before you begin to see a substantial return on that investment. This makes any savings that you can make at the outset really valuable. Bluehost has a simple flat rate annual charge for its shared webhosting that, while it isn’t the cheapest deal, provides full functionality with every account. In the long term this makes it excellent value for money webhosting and by using one of the many Bluehost coupons & discounts that are available the set up costs can be kept to a minimum.

As much as keeping costs to a minimum is important, the inclusion of the functionality that you need to create and operate a practical, working website of any sort needs to come as a part of the package. Bluehost provides an unlimited service that allows you to have unlimited domains, data transfer and storage space as a standard inclusion in their monthly fee. Many webhosts that advertise cheaper deals restrict all of these, or limit your website to a set number of pages, in order to keep their prices down. The unlimited service from Bluehost ensures that you won’t have to pay more for extra services to keep pace with the growth of your website.

Bluehost almost always offers a discounted rate to new customers by reducing the monthly rate by around one third. Even though this only applies to the initial set up and requires that you sign up for a three year deal, it represents a substantial saving that amounts to getting your first year of web hosting for free. It is possible to get an even cheaper rate by using one of the free discount coupons that Bluehost make available through their affiliate sites. These deals can reduce the cost of their basic shared webhosting plans from the standard $6.99 per month to as little as $3.95.

Another cost saving discount that is available to new customers is the free domain registration that is provided for the first year with every new site. In order to claim this you must use the Bluehost registration service for selecting your domain name and it currently only supports a few of the most popular domain extensions. If you want to bring your own domain name to your Bluehost account it doesn’t cost any extra but you can’t claim the year of free registration either. With the cost of domain registration often being as much as $30 or $40 per year through some service this can be a real saving on your set up costs. Because it comes as a part of your new shared hosting account it is also certain to work right from the start and to save you the time that it takes to re-point an old domain.

Another discount that is included with all new Bluehost shared hosting accounts is on internet advertising. Included with every new account is $100 of Google AdWords credits and $50 for Facebook ads. You are required to have an account with both services to claim your free advertising credits and it is necessary to spend $25 with Google to collect the AdWords credit. Even so, this can be a great way to give your new website a promotional kick start that doesn’t hurt your budget too much. The big range of features that are included with Bluehost accounts like e-mail autoresponders, shopping cart software and Site Lock certification also add genuine value for money features to your website.

The webhosting service available from Bluehost already provides excellent value for money and, because they are one of the best established services, you can also feel confident that they provide reliable uptime and can give you the technical support and service that you expect. Although you may want to upgrade some of the functional features like the shopping cart or anti-spam software when your traffic merits it, the free applications that come as a standard part of every Bluehost shared hosting account are perfectly suited to a new website and can save you quite a lot on your website set up costs. All of this value, and the further savings from using the readily available discount coupons, make Bluehost the obvious choice for hosting your website that will give you the confidence to know that it can grow with your needs.

Bluehost Review- Uncomplicated and Unlimited Web Hosting

bluehostMost people that want to create a website don’t want to spend a lot of time sorting through an array of different plan options to find the right one for their needs. At the same time it is important to know that the service that you are paying for is reliable and flexible enough to grow along with your needs. Bluehost are a leader in the web hosting industry with state of the art technology that is backed up by excellent service at an affordable price. This Bluehost cheap hosting review will give you all of the information that you need to decide if they are the right webhosting service for your needs.

Unlimited All Inclusive Service

The first thing that stands out about the webhosting from Bluehost is that it provides a comprehensive, unlimited service. There are no limitations on the data speeds, storage space or domains that you can host on a single account. They also allow you to set up as many e-mail addresses as you want to, as well as all of the other details like parked domains and sub-domains that you need to connect to your web hosting account. All of this means that you don’t have to go through a range of different account types to find the one that provides all of the options that you want to have included in your webhosting service.

Webhosting accounts from Bluehost come with all of the features that you need to set up any sort of website that you could want to use. A full range of website design tools are included as a standard part of every account including a one click website installer that makes putting an attractive and functional website online a quick and simple process. There are also all of the internet marketing tools like e-mail autoresponders, analytical tools for measuring the traffic to your site as well as the SSL pages that you need to handle secure transactions on your site.

A Choice of Website Builders

The Simple Scripts website installation feature that is included with every Bluehost account gives you instant access to 72 different website design applications that allow you to set up any sort of website or online service that you could want to use with a single click. These applications are included for free with every Bluehost account and allow you to build as many websites as you need without incurring any extra cost. This service is provided by Mojo Marketplace who also provides instant, one click access to a range of paid for proprietary web design services and premium themes without having to search the web to find them.

Bluehost also makes it easy to install a WordPress, Weebly or a goMobi mobile website site straight from the control panel. For the more technically savvy web designer, Bluehost also makes it simple to upload your own website designs in HTML and even to transfer an existing site from another hosting service. There is also a choice of database platforms with the standard MySQL, PHP Pear and PostgreSQL which comes with an easy to use wizard that makes it simple to set up any sort of database that you could want to use.

Full Service and Technical Support

In support of their unlimited web hosting service Bluehost provide complete 24/7 technical support either via their toll free contact number or using their e-mail tech support and live chat services. The tech support staffs is completely in house and are located at the Provo, Utah headquarters so that they have the knowledge and the experience to sort out any difficulties that you might come across quickly. They will help you through the process of transferring your domain to their service and can often even provide advice on the applications that you have installed on your account. Every account comes with a free domain included for one year as well as AdWords and Facebook advertising credits to get you started on promoting your new website.

The complete range of features is available through the industry standard C Panel that allows you to control all of your websites in one convenient location. All of this adds up to a comprehensive and practical web hosting service that is easy to understand and use. At the same time it provides real value for money and the confidence that comes from dealing with an established web host.